The transportation in Thailand is fairly straightforward to book. You can either book trains and buses yourself at the ticket windows, or pay a small commission to have it done through your guesthouse or one of the many travel agents.

TIP: Not all travel agents are flat priced! Shop around, particularly on Khao San Road, as agents will often make up prices on a whim.


Thailand’s famous motorcycle taxis are a fun novelty, but are often more expensive than just taking a comfortable, metered taxi. The taxi colors do not matter, as long as you get them to use the meter!


Taxi drivers come in two varieties: corrupt and slightly less corrupt. Don’t believe if they tell you that a destination is closed, too far, the meter is broken, or there is too much traffic to use the meter. If they refuse to turn on the meter — don’t get inside! It may take several attempts, but rest assured that you will eventually find a driver who will use the meter.

TIP: Always hail drivers on the road rather than taking the parked ones who are waiting to scam tourists.

Motorcycle Taxis

Motos are rarely cheaper than other forms of transportation because you have to negotiate prices first; however, they are fun and thrilling! Taking a motorcycle taxi through Bangkok is a near-death experience. This is the best option if there is traffic and you are in a hurry. Don’t worry too much, these guys are experts.


The trains in Thailand are more expensive than the buses, however, they are far more comfortable. People often party and socialize on sleeper trains; the open-air cars are enjoyable for smelling the jungle and watching the scenery go by. Unlike buses, you can get up and walk around, use the toilet, smoke between the carriages, and drink a little.

Sleeper Buses

The overnight buses in Thailand are cheap, but they aren’t exactly comfortable. The drivers are less than friendly, and may or may not make toilet stops. Sometimes you will find a tiny toilet in the bus, but these are often broken. Seats recline way too far back, so tall people will have an uncomfortable night when someone reclines in front of them.

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