Toilets in Thailand

Toilets in Thailand

Some of the public toilets in Thailand will make you want to run down the street with your pants around your ankles while crying like a baby.

Finding public toilets in Thailand is nearly impossible away from tourisy places. Try temple areas, transportation stations, and near landmarks; expect to pay so keep some coins handy.

The way to ask for the toilet in Thai is “Hawng Nam” which literally means “where is water?”

Yes, you will find water in toilets in Thailand, but don’t expect to find toilet paper or soap. In non-Western places you are expected to wipe with your left hand after taking care of business and then wash it under the provided tap — with no soap. Seriously.

Never Flush the Toilet Paper

The ancient sewer system in Thailand is not designed to process toilet paper. You will create a very big and expensive mess if you put paper inside the toilets in Thailand.

Do yourself a favor and carry toilet paper in your pocket. Always, always, put the toilet paper in the bucket with a lid rather than in the toilet. Hand sanitizer is a nice plus to carry as well.

Manual Flush Toilets in Thailand

Many of the toilets in Thailand have to be flushed manually. While you are using the toilet, glance at the giant barrel, bucket, or basin and see if there is any water left in it. If not, go ahead and use the tap to fill it while you wait. When you are finished, you use the scoop to pour water from the basin into the toilet to force everything down. Try not to make a mess for the next guy!

Many of the squat toilets are standing only to make them more hygienic; don’t be afraid! In no time you will be standing in a kung fu stance with quivering leg muscles like the rest of us.

Western Toilets

Don’t worry too much, many Western businesses in Thailand have adopted the toilets that we are accustomed to in the West. Even still, you will rarely find toilet paper so always carry your own.

Here are some sample Thailand toilet pictures from all over the country:

squat toilet in Thailand

A public squat toilet

Thailand toilet

A nicer squat toilet in Thailand

Toilet in Thailand

Typical manual-flush toilet in Thailand

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