Thailand Dental Clinics

Thailand Dental Clinics

Thailand dental work is growing in popularity, and Bangkok has become one of the most popular dental tourism destinations in the world.

With Thailand dental clinics sporting the latest technology and equipment, Europeans, Australians, and Americans are lining up to get lower cost tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry work that would have cost exponentially more back at home.

Thailand dental implants vary in price, but luckily many Bangkok dental clinics post their prices directly on the web. A quick search estimated implants at a top Thailand dental clinic to be less than $1,000 a tooth.

Thailand dental clinics must be certified by the Ministry of Health, and many dentists in Thailand hold Western degrees and certifications.

Thailand Dental Procedures

You should plan your stay in Bangkok around the amount of dentistry work you have done. Keep in mind that flying directly after some dental procedures can cause severe jaw pain because of the pressure changes on an airplane.

Allow yourself time before your dental work to adjust for jetlag and maybe even diet changes — don’t plan on flying directly into Bangkok and having dental implants started the next day.

Here are recovery times from one Thailand dental website:

  • Veneers: 3 – 7 days recovery
  • Filling: 1 day recovery
  • Tooth whitening: 1 day recovery
  • Crown: 3 – 7 days recovery

Thailand Dental Concerns

The number one concern with dental tourism is ongoing treatment after the procedure. Talk to your dentist at home and find out if they will support work done by someone overseas. What if something goes wrong later? You obviously may not be near Bangkok to get the procedure done correctly.

Don’t be afraid to contact the Thailand dentist and ask for English speaking references.

  • Do not assume that because a Bangkok dentist is the top result in Google that they are reputable. Many pay for SEO agencies to get their websites to the top.
  • Do not ask locals in Bangkok for dentist recommendations. You will invariably end up at an uncle’s dental clinic or somewhere that they have something to gain by providing new business. Nepotism is rife in Thailand!

Thailand Dental Clinics

(I don’t endorse any of these; I just found them from various sources on the web)

Dental Clinics in Bangkok

Dental Clinics in Chiang Mai (a nice alternative to Bangkok)

Dental Clinics in Pattaya

Dental Clinics in Phuket

Why not heal on the beach afterward? 🙂

Dental Clinics in Koh Samui

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