Street Food

Street Food

Thailand Street Food

You can literally find food in every market and on every corner in Thailand — Thai people love to eat!

Unfortunately, many travelers are too timid or afraid to try the food from street carts, so they miss out on a great experience. Eating street food is a cultural and enjoyable experience — get in there and give your order!

Thailand street food is even cheaper than eating in a restaurant, and is the best choice for budget travelers wanting to save some baht on food. You can try as many new things as you can stomach, including deep fried insects and spiders just for the bragging rights.

Noodle carts will fix you a small-yet-satisfying portion of pad thai noodles for around US $1 or less. The price varies depending on your choice of egg, meat, or seafood.

There are BBQ (meat on skewers) carts everywhere offering grilled or deep-fried chicken, tofu, pork, seafood, and other mystery meats. Although seeing a chicken hanging in a glass box with no refrigeration can be a little disheartening, believe it or not Thailand street food is usually safe!

To avoid a bad stomach, follow these golden rules of street food:

Eat only what is cooked in front of you – especially with street BBQ. This insures that meat has not been collecting flies all day. The owner may protest and try to hand you one of the dozens that always seem ready, but inevitably they want your sale and will cook a new one for you.

Eat only in busy places. Places that do not enjoy a lot of traffic may have old ingredients which they cook rather than throw out.

Many street food carts do not have seating. Most away from the cart a little to eat; by doing so, you will avoid burns, sitting in spilled oil, and being in the way!

Despite the appearance, street food in Thailand is usually quite safe and completely delicious. The market stalls can be hectic and exciting with people shouting orders, pots clanking, and hot oil sizzling in woks

Here are some quick photos of street food I found around Thailand:

Pad thai street foodStreet food carts in ThailandThailand street foodPancake cart in BangkokStreet food BBQ

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