Travel Tips for Thailand Safety

Staying safe and healthy in Thailand is relatively easy, however, you should be aware of vaccinations and other health concerns before you go.

Use these Thailand safety tips to stay healthy on your big trip!

The islands in Thailand are amazing! Enjoy islands as beautiful as Hawaii for way less money. Among the many Thai islands are places to party, places to relax, and even islands with no electricity where you can play Robinson Crusoe.

These tips for enjoying the islands in Thailand will help you get the most out of your visit.

Don’t Swim Near Sewage Drains Don’t Swim Near Sewage Drains

When swimming on the beach, avoid drainage areas and pipes; pick another place to swim! Many times raw, untreated sewage is drained directly into the ocean, particularly in the islands. Infections, HEPA, and other nasties can result.

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Police in Pai Police in Pai

The police in pleasant Pai, Thailand, have a poor reputation. One drunken officer shot and killed a Canadian backpacker in 2008 and wounded a second. They have been known to storm bars and do drug-testing via urinalysis on the spot.

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Use Ginger for Motion Sickness Use Ginger for Motion Sickness

Raw ginger – easily found in markets – is an excellent preventative and natural cure for motion sickness. Suck on a piece during your choppy boat or bus ride to avoid feeling queasy.

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Local Condoms Can Fail Local Condoms Can Fail

Ironic because Thailand produces much of the world’s condoms, but condoms purchased locally have a high failure rate because of poor storage in the hot sun. They are also disproportionately more expensive.

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Small Scrapes Get Infected Easily Small Scrapes Get Infected Easily

Small cuts, scrapes, and scratched insect bites get infected quickly in Thailand’s humid and dirty environment. Take better care of insignificant injuries early and keep them covered during the day.

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Wear Your Sunglasses When Driving Wear Your Sunglasses When Driving

Wear your sunglasses when driving a motorbike. You’ll avoid getting hit in the eyes with large insects and pebbles from the dusty roads – just enough to cause an accident. Plus, you’ll look cool.

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Choose Your Colors Wisely Choose Your Colors Wisely

After the 2010 violence, people pay attention to the colors they wear. Gold/yellow represent support for the King, while red represents the new prime minister and anti-government coup. Avoid both during any uprisings!

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Get Travel Insurance Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance isn’t that expensive; it’s worth the coverage for a long trip to Thailand. is the popular choice for backpackers to get Thailand travel insurance.

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Wear Your Helmet Wear Your Helmet

Although many people do not wear them, you are legally supposed to wear a helmet in Thailand while driving a motorbike. Police may use this as an excuse to stop you for a fine/bribe.

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Don’t Drink the Water Don’t Drink the Water

The tap water in Thailand is NOT safe to drink. You must purchase bottled water, or use the water refill machines (1 baht for 1 liter of purified water). Ice is generally safe in busy places.

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Traveler’s Diarrhea Traveler’s Diarrhea

Getting a bad stomach is normal in Thailand. Lay off the spicy food, and eat more starches such as bananas or plain rice for a few days. Only take loperamide if you must take a long bus; it will actually trap bacteria in your gut longer.

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Thailand Vaccinations Thailand Vaccinations (Click to read more)

A few Thailand vaccinations are recommended before you travel. Here is a list of what shots are worth getting or avoiding.

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