Travel Tips for Thailand Money

In Thailand, money can go quickly; the locals are experts at making you spend more than anticipated.

Learn about accessing funds, ATMs, carrying cash, and general Thailand currency tips for making your cash last longer.

ATM Fees in Thailand ATM Fees in Thailand

Most ATMs around Thailand charge 220 baht (over US $6) per transaction! The fee has gone up year after year. Check the screen before you proceed and go find another ATM!

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Use Odd Amounts at the ATM Use Odd Amounts at the ATM

When entering an amount at an ATM, end it with 900 so that you get small notes rather than only 1000-baht notes which are difficult to break sometimes. I.e., type in 5900 instead of 6000 so that you get small change.

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Using Travelers Checks in Thailand Using Travelers Checks in Thailand

Traveler’s checks can be cashed at banks and money changers for a fee. A fee is charged per check, so cashing larger denominations will result in less fees. You cannot use traveler’s checks to pay for shopping or accommodation.

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Leave the Price Tag on Books Leave the Price Tag on Books

Leave the price sticker on any books that you buy — it will help give you more leverage later when you trade them at other bookshops or at book exchanges.

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Negotiate for Everything Negotiate for Everything

Negotiation is both expected and a part of Thai culture. Unless the price is fixed, haggle for nearly everything you buy. There is no shame in asking for discounts in Thailand – this includes guesthouse rooms!

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Refuse Torn Notes Refuse Torn Notes

Torn and faded bills/notes are often given to foreigners in change. The damaged currency will be harder to spend later, so refuse it and demand a different note – particularly 500 and 1000-baht notes.

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Using Credit Cards in Thailand Using Credit Cards in Thailand

Mastercard and Visa are the most accepted, however, many places add a steep commission on when you pay with card, or won’t accept cards at all. Credit cards are not so useful, plan to bring lots of cash with you.

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The Islands Cost More The Islands Cost More

The islands cost significantly more than mainland Thailand. Take toiletries, sunscreen, cigarettes, and other supplies with you rather than purchasing them from shops on the island.

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Money in Thailand Money in Thailand (Click to read more)

A list of 10 great tips to help you manage (and keep) your money in Thailand…

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ATMs in Thailand ATMs in Thailand

ATMs are found everywhere in Thailand, and work on all Western networks. All ATMs charge 220 baht (over US $6) per transaction, so take more money out than usual.

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