How to Use this Thailand Tips Site

Q: Why are some tips black and other ones blue?

A: The tips with a blue title indicate that you can click on them to read more about the topic. Either enjoy just the simple tip, or click more to get the details behind the tip.

Q: Where can we ask questions about travel and discuss these Thailand tips?

A: Ask your questions and read responses on Facebook or Twitter.

Q: Are these tips the absolute, final word?

A: Of course not! Everyone shares different experiences in a new place. Although these tips are based on Thai culture and the past, you will encounter many exceptions in places that have become more Westernized. Either way, by following the etiquette tips, you will be a more educated, respectful traveler and are doing your part to lessen the impact that excessive tourism has on Thailand.

A Little About

Q: Why a website with Thailand tips?

A: Having been a travel writer based in Southeast Asia for the last several years, I am constantly bombarded with emails asking advice for planning a trip to Thailand. After answering hundreds, I decided to put together a site where everyone could contribute and enjoy the answers.

Q: Why not just a regular website?

A: The goal was to create a Twitter-style experience with small, easily digestible tidbits that may be of use to your in Thailand. There are already plenty of advice sites with long articles to read — why not just get to the point?

Q: Will you use tips that I suggest?

A: Of course! The site is designed to incorporate contests and give link credit to people who submit the best Thailand tips. Until the automated system is working, give me some time to get all the tips posted. Regardless, if a tip is useful to readers it will not be lost!

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Greg Rodgers and I began vagabonding around the world, living out of a backpack in January 2006. I’ve kept myself on the road since then by living cheap and doing travel writing/photography. Most of my time living on the road is spent in Thailand or other parts of Southeast Asia.