Best Time to Go to Thailand

Best Time to Go to Thailand

When is the best time to go to Thailand?

Quick Answer: Between November and April.

The best time to go to Thailand is during the drier months after the rain stops, but before the weather has turned too hot. Unfortunately, this is also the busy season, however, good timing can mean avoiding the monsoon season and the crowds!

The Seasons in Thailand

Many people disagree on the best time to go to Thailand, but the dry months are certainly the most popular. Although the world’s weather has changed in the last few years, the driest — and most popular — times to go to Thailand are between November and May. The closer that you are to either end of that period, the greater your chance of some serious rain!

If you do end up going during the “off” season (June — October) you will get cheaper prices for accommodations, but many businesses may be closed in lesser visited places.

November, December, and January are the coolest and most pleasant months to visit. As May approaches, the weather turns almost unbearably hot and humid. By April, the roads are dry and dusty; even forest fires burn out of control in the north.

Thailand Holidays

Plan your trip around some of the larger festivals and holidays. As many are based on the Buddhist calendar and dates change, you will need to Google to find out the exact dates on the year of your trip. Some big events that will have an impact on your travel in Thailand are:

  •  Chinese New Year: Usually in January or February,  CNY will be busy in big cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
  •  Songkran: The Thai new year/water festival held each year in April is a lot of fun. The epicenter of Songkran is in Chiang Mai.
  • King’s birthday: December 5th marks the annual celebration of the King’s birthday in Thailand.
  • Loi Krathong: Usually in November, this beautiful festival will bring the crowds to Chiang Mai and other cities.

The best time to go to Thailand is really any time! Even during the rainy season, life goes on and the rain rarely stops the fun.

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