Bangkok Airport Bus Terminated

Bangkok Airport Bus Terminated

Bangkok Airport Bus

The handy, 150-baht Airport Express bus from Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road was permanently terminated in 2011. Now you must buy an expensive taxi coupon, or try your luck navigating city buses via the shuttle bus to the terminal.

2016 Update: On the bottom floor of the airport (ground transportation) facing the street, far to the left side, there was a counter selling minibus rides to Khao San Road for 150 baht. This is MUCH cheaper than a taxi; most people exit the doors and see taxis as the only option.

The problem is that most international flights arrive into the Bangkok airport late, so the city buses are no longer running.

Get From Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road

If you want to try your luck, exit the airport on the bottom floor and walk left to the end of the terminal. A free, airport shuttle bus runs circuits between arrivals, departures, and the bus hub.

Ride the shuttle bus to a small bus hub, then look for minibuses going to Democracy Monument. Khao San Road is a short walk west from the Victory Monument’s roundabout. Walk west on Klang Road — the main road — then turn right on Bowonniwet Road and take an immediate left onto Khao San Road.

A taxi from the airport varies with rates between 300 – 700 baht! If you must taxi, go ahead and use the fixed-rate, coupon taxi from the airport. Unlike other places, flagging a taxi on the road is no cheaper at night because you will be charged a late-night premium per kilometer.

2015 Update: The taxi fare no longer includes the two toll fees to Khao San Road; you’ll also have to pay an additional 50-baht airport surcharge. You can thank the taxi mafia in Bangkok for this instance of complete price gouging.

The only workaround, at this time, is to hang around the taxi stand and wait for more travelers so that you can team up and share a ride. Note: drivers don’t like you doing this, so stay back by the smoking area rather than right in the queue.

2016 Update: Last I came through the airport, there is now a shared minivan service to Khao San Road. Go to the Ground Transportation floor and walk all the way to the left. You may have to wait until the van fills up or leaves periodically, but the price is cheap!

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