Accommodation in Thailand

Accommodation in Thailand

Accommodation in Thailand

Budget Accommodation in Thailand

Accommodation in Thailand differs than in Europe or other parts of the world.  As a budget traveler, you will mostly be staying in guesthouses, budget hotels, and whenever near the sea – in bungalows.

Finding Accommodation

Unless you’re coming into the Full Moon Party or during peak season, you should have no trouble finding accommodation in Thailand. I usually just book my very first night or two using a booking site, then move on to a different place in the morning. Coming in late at night and looking for a place to stay is no fun!

Hostels in Thailand

Hostels and dorms are not really a very popular option. You may find a few, however, for the same price you could enjoy your own private room.

Thailand Accommodation

Most Thailand accommodation ranges in quality and level of insects that live inside. You can pay more for amenities such as a flushing toilet, but what fun is that? Smart travelers know that half the fun is trying to figure out a local toilet!

Whatever your choice for place to accommodation in Thailand, always keep in mind that you will most likely be spending as little time there as possible. You didn’t travel thousands of miles to sit in a tiny room anyway!

Your number one concern for choosing accommodation in Thailand should be location, followed by cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and social atmosphere.

Thailand Accommodation Prices

Thailand accommodation is cheap: expect to pay from US $5 – $15 a night depending on your location and level of luxury.  The average budget traveler can easily get by for US $7 a night or less. Air conditioned rooms are NOT WORTH the additional costs, and you will rarely need hot water when the temperature is scorching outside anyway.

A majority of accommodation options in Thailand are charged by the room, not by the number of people. Team up with someone to share a room and some living costs.

Cheap Accommodation in Thailand

The cheapest accommodation in Thailand can be found in Chiang Mai, on Khao San Road in Bangkok, and in smaller, off-the-beaten-path places.

If staying for a week or longer, try to negotiate — and pay — for your stay up front. Many owners will give you a discount for offering to stay so long.

Call it the Paradise Tax: you will pay more for accommodation to stay in the islands in Thailand.

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