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No more digging through long articles or useless top-10 lists! Here are fast and hard Thailand travel tips that will save you stress, money, and headaches later on your trip to Southeast Asia. Learn about scams before you encounter them, and read about ways to enhance your budget travel experience.

From avoiding scams and sketchy tuk-tuk drivers to finding the best food, these insider tips will help you to hit the ground in Thailand like a seasoned pro. Thailand is a great place to begin traveling — but no need to be a newbie!

I paid in sweat, blood, and baht to learn the hard way so that you don't have to do the same! Some of these Thailand tips came from personal experience while others came from readers and backpackers met along the way. Feel free to submit updates or tips for other travelers.

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Thailand tips logoThailand Travel Advice

Fast, good-to-know Thailand tips to read before visiting Thailand.

Thailand scamsThailand Scams

Avoid these scams in Thailand to save time, money, and high blood pressure!

Thailand etiquetteThailand Customs and Etiquette

How not to offend local people, inside or outside of temples.

Thailand safetyHealth and Safety in Thailand

Thailand safety tips to keep you healthy and on the road.

Thailand moneyThailand Money Tips

Everything you need to know about managing money in Thailand.

Thailand foodFood in Thailand

Thai food is world famous for a reason! Learn about famous dishes and what to eat.

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